Mindset, Skills, Tactics & Gear

Learn more about the 4 core pieces essential to survival in this free online course by NRS Director, Craig Caudill.

Vital Survival

The essential things you need to know to prepare for any disaster.

Fire Building

Learn how to start and build a fire under any conditions.

Leadership During Crisis

Learn how to lead when it really counts using these life lessons.

The Ultimate Knot Course

Learn not only how to tie, but also HOW TO USE, a collection of the world's most useful outdoor knots.

Intro to Edible & Medicinal Plants

Build a solid foundation for studying and learning about wild edible & medicinal plants.

Foraging Plants for Fun

Master Naturalist Craig Caudill will guide you in learning how to forage for food and medicine and have fun doing it.

Winter Tree ID for Survival & Bushcraft

In this course, Master Naturalist Craig Caudill shows us various ways to identify common tree species year round.

Woods Walks

Join Craig for casual conversation as he explores nature, shares thoughts (and the occasional joke).

Shemanese Knife (Owner's Guide)

These videos are for Shemanese owners. If you need access, email support@naturereliance.org to confirm.

Announcements & Updates

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Nature Reliance Podcast

Cutting through the noise - one episode at a time. We aim to educate, excite and enrich your time in the great outdoors.